Rancher’s Prime Gives Us Access to Exclusive Prime Cuts

Rancher’s Prime is giving ranchers the tools they need to deliver the most exclusive meat products directly to consumers. Generations of ranching taught them how to curate the best meat cuts, but they were only reserved for leading steakhouses and limited grocers. Now with this partnership, these previously unavailable products can be shipped straight to your door. The prime of the prime steak, beef, pork and barbecue will come from the rancher’s backyard to your front porch, no middleman necessary.

Most ranchers don’t have the cattle to keep up with demand nor the resources to be in the e-commerce market. That’s why Rancher’s Prime formed an elite network of ranches around Texas, Kansas and the Midwest to balance product demand, ensure product consistency and give nationwide delivery capabilities. Each piece of meat is hand-selected by ranchers who know the characteristics of a great cut like the back of their hand. They grew up on the ranch learning the ins and outs of the trade, and some even inherited the family trade as 8th generation ranchers. Each of these generations continue to develop flavor and tenderness unlike any other, meaning truly only the best make the cut.

Carl Ratner founded Rancher’s Prime after being disappointed time and time again by big promises of meat delivery services with subpar products. Once he tried a steak from one of the now partners of Rancher’s Prime, he knew everyone in the nation should be able to taste and appreciate these products from the ranchers hidden in the nooks and crannies of our country. “This idea started with a want to support stewards of the land who didn’t have the manpower or the technology to distribute their product on a national scale. Now, everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor and appreciate the talent of these humble and hardworking Americans,” said Carl.

By starting with the best possible product, Black Angus Cattle and Heritage Bred Hogs, their ranchers have used selective breeding over years and even decades to procure the finest cuts of meat. It doesn’t just start with good breeding though; the whole lifespan of the cattle and pigs are traced from birth to table. Rancher’s Prime only offers 100% traceable beef, meaning these ranchers know the life story of every one of their cuts. This is how they are able to offer consistent, high-quality steak without falter time after time.

Every part of their process is done at the upmost quality. Whereas most ranchers would send their cattle to feedlots to fatten up, Rancher’s Prime takes pride in the fact that their cattle are fed clean diets with no artificial growth hormones. Their ranchers have these diets down to a science, and are able to naturally fatten their cows and produce the best tasting meat based off these tried-and-true regimens. They also know that happy cattle lead to prime cuts which is why they are treated to the luxury life and left to roam free in open pastures.

No shortcuts are taken at any point in the process, especially when it comes to cutting the beef, an extremely important technique for creating a fine piece of meat. Some companies send their meat to get cut at a packing plant to reduce costs for distribution. Instead, Rancher’s Prime uses the same trusted cutter that these ranchers have partnered with for over 25 years. He is one of the best in the country, and his artful practices truly maintain the highest quality from conception to cut.

Rancher’s Prime launched their 30-day campaign to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter on November 19th. This campaign is offering some great product rewards in exchange for monetary support. You can be one of the first try “the best steak of your life” and support stewards of the land by purchasing a reward on their Kickstarter. Hurry over before their campaign ends to snag a prime beef box or even an authentic Austin style barbecue box. Come 2021, they will be rolling out their subscription services for the public to enjoy.

Rancher’s Prime is a meat delivery subscription service giving you only the prime of the prime steak, beef, pork and barbecue. Their elite network of ranchers has developed the best flavor and tenderness in the nation using heritage breeds, 100% traceability, open pastures and generations of improvement. This results in consistency in their quality and flavor with every cut time after time; truly, only the best make the cut. When you buy from Rancher’s Prime, you are not only supporting stewards of the land, but a portion of their purchases also goes to the Farm Rescue Foundation. They are on a mission to give back to the humble and hardworking American farmers and ranchers while also giving you the best tasting meat.

For more information on Rancher’s Prime, please visit https://ranchersprime.com/ or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SOURCE Rancher’s Prime, LLC

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