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The Dallas Texas and whole Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area’s real estate market is very busy, with many companies like Toyota relocating to North Texas. It’s definitely a seller’s market, and home builders can’t keep up with the demand. Once a home goes on the market, it’s usually sold within days, and many homes receive multiple offers, typically above the asking price. Even though it’s a seller’s market right now in DFW, it’s important to keep in mind that as a home buyer, a real estate home inspection is critical, and you need an honest, reliable home inspector to complete a home inspection before you buy a home. Hire a home inspector like Stonebriar Property Inspections before you sign a contract on your home.

Home Inspection Dallas Chief Home Inspector Keith Boggs

The Portal of Dallas recently spoke with Home Inspection Dallas Chief Home Inspector Keith Boggs, of Stonebriar Property Inspections. Mr. Boggs talked about his 70-point home inspection service, and what is included:

“I offer the most comprehensive home inspections for buyers, sellers, and homeowners. Stonebriar Property Inspections’ home inspections go above and beyond the standards set by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We’ll inspect more than 600 components, taking high-resolution digital images along the way, examining each component for structural soundness, proper function, and code compliance. We’ll use our thermal imaging camera as needed to identify defects that may not be visible to the human eye.”

Mr. Boggs went on to tell us about how they inspect a home, and what they look at:

  • The home’s Foundation
  • The home’s Grading and drainage, including guttering
  • The home’s Roof covering materials
  • The home’s Interior and exterior walls
  • The home’s Ceilings and floors
  • The home’s Doors and windows
  • The home’s Interior and exterior stairways
  • The home’s Fireplaces and chimneys
  • The home’s Porches, balconies, decks, and carports
  • The home’s Electrical systems, including panels, outlets, and fixtures
  • The home’s Heating, ventilation, and cooling systems
  • The home’s Plumbing systems and fixtures
  • The home’s Major appliances
  • The home’s Garage and garage door openers
  • The home’s Sprinkler systems
  • The home’s Driveways, walkways, and patios
  • The home’s Gas lines and meters
  • The home’s Outdoor kitchen

In most cases, the complete home inspection report is provided the same day by Stonebriar Property Inspections. You can reach Keith Boggs directly at 214-923-7304 or contact Stonebriar Property Inspections on their website:


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