Face Masks Mandatory in Dallas County, Texas

Dallas County Face Masks mandatory

Dallas County, Texas commissioners have voted to make face masks mandatory. If you are in Dallas County, it is mandatory to wear a face mask if you go inside of a business. If you do not wear a face mask, you could face a $500 fine. If you’re going to visit Dallas County anytime soon, you need a face mask. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a face mask from a local company like Hope Protective than to pay the $500 fine. In Tarrant County (Forth Worth area), the fine is $1,000. And, in Houston, Texas, there is a fine–and the virus is affecting a lot more people there.

paint splatter face mask

Local delivery is available from Hope Protective in the Cedar Creek Lake area for all of their face masks, If you are in Dallas County and need a face mask, you can order one their website and it will be delivered to you.

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