Featured Dallas Area Businesses

The Portal of Dallas, since April 2000, has been listing Dallas/Fort Worth area businesses on our website, www.PortalofDallas.com. We recently introduced a new feature, “Featured Dallas Business”, where we review Dallas/Fort Worth area businesses, in North Texas.

Featured Rockwall Business: Pet Doctor – Rockwall Veterinarian

The Pet Doctor is a full-service animal hospital, located in Rockwall, Texas. This Rockwall Vet welcomes both emergency treatment as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care.

Featured Dallas Business: Stonebriar Home Inspections

The Dallas area real estate market is currently very busy, with many companies like Toyota relocating to North Texas. It’s definitely a seller’s market, and home builders can’t keep up with the demand. Once a home goes on the market, it’s usually sold within days, and many homes receive multiple offers, typically above the asking price. Even though it’s a seller’s market right now in DFW, it’s important to keep in mind that as a home buyer, a real estate home inspection is critical, and you need an honest, reliable home inspector to complete a home inspection before you buy a home. Hire a Dallas Home Inspector before you sign a contract on your home.

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