Prominent Dallas Lawyer Michael E. Schmidt Killed by Dallas Police

A prominent Dallas lawyer, Michael E. Schmidt, was shot and killed by Dallas Police after responding to reports of a burglary. Schmidt had reportedly called in a burglary at his apartment in Uptown Dallas, and then barricaded himself before he was then shot by officers who responded to the scene.

According to the Dallas Morning News, “The incident began about 1:45 a.m. when police were called to the Glass House by Windsor apartment tower because the suspect, 47-year-old Michael Edward Schmidt, told an employee there about a supposed break-in at his unit.

NBC5 in Dallas confirms that Mr. Schmidt’s daughter was on location at the scene of the shooting. Portal of Dallas assumes that this means that the daughter was at the location when the shooting occurred.

When police arrived, Schmidt barricaded himself in a hallway near the lobby and fired at them, authorities said. Officers tried to negotiate with the gunman, but he continued shooting.”

Mr. Schmidt was a lawyer at the Schmidt law firm in Dallas. The shooting took place at the Glass House apartments at Windsor. The location of the shooting is 2728 McKinnon St Dallas, TX 75201.

Update January 2, 2014: 5:04pm
Dallas attorney Michael Schmidt’s family believes that his prescription medication caused him to do what he did in his luxury apartment complex, before police shot and killed him.

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