More Birthdays for More Kids in Dallas

The Birthday Party Project is kicking off the year in style, ready to celebrate more children than ever before with help from local partner Tegan Digital.

The non-profit organization established a brand new look and fresh site this past Friday. The enhanced branding will support and energize The Birthday Party Project’s mission of spreading pleasure to children experiencing homelessness through the magic of birthday celebrations.

“Having an updated site and a brand new rebrand, we hope to encourage even more people to join the celebration! “We’re extremely grateful for our partnership with Tegan. Their staff was considerate and assignment focused throughout the procedure. We had a lot of fun building this ”

Tegan Digital, a Dallas-based agency, directed approach, design and improvement to its redesign of The Birthday Party Project’s site, together with all rebranding initiatives such as a new logo and colour palette. Tegan will continue to offer general consulting other electronic initiatives.

“The Birthday Party Project’s heartbeat for others complies with our staff. “Paige and her staff have contributed a lot of children the opportunity to blow out their birthday candles. To get a part in observing in a year of suffering is really special.”

Since its launch in 2012, The Birthday Party Project has celebrated over 12,000 birthdays with more than 63,000 kids in attendance. The recently established electronic platform for your new will pave the way for more chances to serve children throughout the country.

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