DFW International Airport Announces New Global Marketing Initiative

The DFW International Airport Board of Directors has recently approved a major new marketing initiative–this new global marketing initiative is aimed at bringing increased air passenger traffic to and through DFW International Airport.

The new DFW International Airport campaign is focused in several key strategic international cities and will be executed by an organization called “Visit DFW”. Visit DFW is a joint effort of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau. Theis new DFW International Airport marketing initiative will include both consumer and trade advertising and promotion–and will be focused in the countries of Mexico, South America and in Asia.

To fund the campaign, DFW will invest as much as $5 million in the first 18 months of the program. The money spent is going to be tracked for cost effectiveness as the effort progresses. Mexico currently represents the largest international market for DFW International Airport and is a major opportunity for DFW International Airport to increase market share. In addition, the Asian and South American marketing efforts will target the countries of China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

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